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You can reach The Bird Barn in Portland, Oregon at: or (503)288-1928

Send us an e-mail with your phone number and we will call you back for any sensitive information we may need from you as our site does not have secure transmission capability.


We sell birds and bird related products to pet shops and individuals. The products will be replaced if found to be defective. Birds that die from illness or possible defect where it is thought The Bird Barn should bear some or all responsibility, must be sent to Oregon State University or a comparable organization, at the bird owners expense, for a necropsy by a disinterested third party to determine the cause of death. All replacements, full or partial, including those due to loss from an unknown cause, will depend on time of ownership and the living conditions, food, medical care, etc., that the bird has received from the bird owner. No replacement will be made if the bird owner is found to be at fault. Proof of origin, such as a leg band, must be maintained.

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Thoughts On Your New Bird Checkups By A Vet

We will not sell our babies if they do not appear healthy and normal. So we do not recommend that after purchase the customer immediately take them to a vet for a basic checkup unless the customer is ready to spend several hundred dollars to run the tests required to really tell the baby's actual physiological condition. We also suggest verifying tests before any treatment is started on any bird unless the bird is showing signs of distress or illness.

A quick visual inspection by a vet will seldom yield any useful information on the baby's condition that a knowledgeable and responsible breeder that has spent months observing the baby, is not aware of. If your bird is from a source that you're not comfortable with or knowledgeable of, by all means, take it to an experienced bird vet you trust or that has been recommended to you.

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