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The Bird Barn is located in Portland, Oregon and is a breeder of parrots, manufacturer of Snap Tite products, a seller of, and service station for, Lyon and Grumbach incubators and a supplier of other items for both baby and adult parrots. Also, we will service other brands of incubators and brooders, including Animal Intensive Care Units, as long as parts are available.

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Although several of our breeder Greys do talk, they never verbalize to us when egg laying time is near. So we can not be sure about any more babies for sale until we see the blacks of their eyes when we pull them from the nest box at three weeks of age for handfeeding, which is about when their eyes start to open.


Feel free to check our website every few months or send us an e-mail with a request to be put on our notification list when babies become available. Be sure to include the e-mail address (es) you want us to use to contact you and keep them current.


We do not sell unweaned babies.



  • The videos below were for anyone who has not seen 3 month old Grey being hand fed. The dribbled food that usually collects under a baby's beak in spite of gental cleaning after every meal, will be gone before going to its new home. Enjoy.





    Egg Turner & Cool Down TIMERS for Grumbach in stock & on Sale


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