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Egg Turner & Cool Down TIMERS in stock & on Sale also other parts & items available for Grumbach.

Call or email for more information, prices and help.

Model S-84 Grumbach Incubator W/Digital Controls

Shown is the Grumbach Model S84 with 2 auto trays, a digital thermometer control and a digital humidity control. The last prices we received were $3,300 for the digital model and $2,400 for the non-digital model, but these price can vary with changes in the value of US currency compared to the Euro Dollar. So please e-mail us and we will send you the current price which is controlled by the importer. The weight is 49#, but shipping by The Bird Barn is free and please note that several other configurations of this unit are also available. Call or e-mail for more information.

You can reach The Bird Barn in Portland, Oregon at: or (503)288/1928


Panel Model S-84 Control Panels

These are close ups of the control panels for the S-84 digital model and non-digital model. I took pictures of a non-digital model when I had it in for service which show various details of the unit inside and out and will be glad to use them to answer your questions on the operation of this unit.


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