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Use your original packing if possible. If not, find a heavy duty cardboard box that will have extra room around the base and dome to allow for some crushing of the box during shipping. Units shipped in unsuitable boxes will be returned in factory boxes with inserts which cost $4.00. Please clean your base before shipping. To hold down costs I do not include that as part of my service procedure.

Fit the dome on the base and in the slots of the turning ring strap if you are sending the ring for adjustment. Also be sure to center the screen. Always send your base so I can replace or add more teflon strips in the groove the dome rides in. These are critical for smooth turning of the dome.

Turn-X Shipping #3
Turn-X Shipping #4
If you do not have the factory insert & or box, you can pack around the entire dome with wadded up newspaper. But do not make the wads so tight that they will crush the dome if the box is compressed during shipment, but yet tight enough to keep the dome from excess movement during rough handling. Another method is to cut out an insert like the factory uses in the picture. The basic insert can be a square the size of the shipping box plus twice the distance from the top of the dome (not the motor cover ) to the top of the box. Notches the size of the preceding distance just found are cut out of the four corners to form four tabs and a 7" X should be cut in the center of the square. Score the fold lines between the corner notches and between the ends of the X cut and fold them up. Cut a little extra as needed to allow clearance for the knob. You do not need the extra cuts for the bottle or turning unit if you are not sending them, otherwise you will need to make provisions for them as well.

Do not send the turner unit if it is working properly. Only send the bottle and nut the first time you have me service your unit. You can check to see if I have already modified the bottle nut by checking the surface of the nut that goes against the stand pipe on the base. Look for two notches that I would have milled into it to provide smoother water flow. Do not send your thermometers unless you feel they need testing and calibration. If you do send them, place crumpled newspaper around each end of them inside the dome to keep them in their holders during shipment. Keep in mind that roughness during shipping will frequently cause the expansion material in the thermometers to separate and will have to be rejoined, per the instruction sheet that came with your unit, when you receive them back from me. ALWAYS CHECK your thermometers for separations or odd readings before and during the set up of your incubator every time you put it to work

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